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The Dreaded G Grade Problem on a Retail Property.

BEST Compliance were introduced to a Landlord in trouble via an acquaintance on a network event. The landlord had been given the dreaded G grade, this meant he could not legally rent out the property until improvements had been made.

The landlord straight away called an electrician who gave his advice, whilst being sound advice in terms of minimum requirements, the electrician had no idea about the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES).

Upon entering the property, which was a former Tattoo Parlour, we noticed the lighting was a complete mixture of 80s and 90s technology. A few electric heaters were scattered around.

The landlord had shown us a quote to be in the region of £24,000 to undertake the unnecessary refurb. Id like to point out that the electricians refurb when completed would have still been a F grade and as such still failing.

We offered the Landlord our invaluable EPC ALPHA plus, this report shows 3-4 strategies to obtain a minimum of a D grade and with costings and pay back periods.

The landlord chose our recommended strategy and asked for advice on who to undertake the works. The works were completed within two days, were we were able to come back and lodge and EPC on the property allowing the landlord to legally rent the property again.

After our report costs and electrical work, the price of the project was around a £1000 and the result took the EPC grade from a G grade all the way to a B grade, yes, a B grade.

We later found out that the landlord had also been able to increase the rent over the 7 year period allowing him to pay back the outlay to around 3 times, the tenant would also save energy costs from the increased efficiency which was more than the increased rent from before, so all in all a win win all round.