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EPC – April to June 2019 Commercial EPC Statistics

Non Domestic EPC

EPC During April to June 2019,

  • 23,000 EPC were lodged for non-domestic properties, a slight decrease of 4% compared with the corresponding quarter in 2018. Of these, 96% were lodged in England and 4% in Wales.

In the year ending June 2019, EPC

  • 92,000 non-domestic EPC were lodged, an increase of 7% on the number lodged during the previous year. The increases may reflect the 10 year validity of EPC but may also reflect the new legislation requiring a minimum level of energy efficiency for private rental non-domestic properties.

The following table also displays on average the poor performance of our non-domestic buildings:


Public Buildings

During April to June 2019,

  • 4,600 DECs were lodged in England and Wales, a decrease of 45% compared with the corresponding quarter in 2018! Of these 95% were lodged in England and 5% in Wales.

Over the whole of the year ending June 2019,

  • 30,000 DECs were lodged, representing a decrease of 16% compared with the previous year

New Build and Existing Domestic EPC

Domestic EPC In the quarter ending June 2019,

410,000 domestic Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) were lodged in England and Wales:

  • 85% (342,000) of these EPCs were for the sale and letting of existing dwellings; an increase of 17% on the same quarter last year.
  • 17% (68,000) of domestic EPCs were for new build dwellings and conversions; an increase of 3% on the equivalent quarter in 2018 and a continuation of the upward trend in EPCs for new dwellings since 2014.

In the year ending June 2019:

  • 255,000 EPCs were lodged for new build dwellings and conversions in England and Wales, an increase of 9% on the previous year and the largest annual total for new properties since 2008 when the statistical record began.
  • Most EPCs for new build dwellings and conversions were lodged in England (246,000; 9% up on the previous year). The remaining 8,600 EPCs for new build dwellings and conversions were lodged in Wales, up 11% on the previous year.

Amongst all the statistics and graphs the following table stood out:

For existing homes there appears to be very few ‘A’ and ‘B’ rated homes, and the vast majority are still ‘D’ or below! It is clear that we have some way to go to meet our new ambitions in terms of zero emissions and more energy efficient homes.

In contrast, it appears that the vast majority of new builds are ‘B’ rated. Yet, there remains more ‘C’, ’D’ and ‘E’ rated homes that pass building regulations than those which are ‘A’ rated. This shows the impact of having minimum standards approach to regulations and also the ability to use older regulations (via transition periods). This approach has to stop if we are to meet the ambitions of the country.

Comments from our Accreditation body on this

Stuart Fairlie Technical & Operations Director at Elmhurst states. “We welcome the release of the data for English and Welsh homes and buildings. The growth in existing dwellings is certainly attributed to the private rented sector Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) policy and the 10th year anniversary.

The country is also building more new homes and Elmhurst analysis which combines Scotland and NI figures puts us on rolling 12 months of 299,000 new builds constructed, which is close to the Government’s target of 300,000 per year. The dip in Non-Domestic EPCs for the last quarter comes predominantly from the diminishing MEES effect, which began earlier in the commercial rental market.

The reduction of DECs, is very disappointing. We believe that this reflects a lack of enforcement or apathy within the market, which is concerning when these buildings should be ‘showing the way forward’.

This is something that Elmhurst will be lobbying for in terms of public buildings and showing wider industry leadership and the way forward. Overall, the market is positive, but the statistics indicate that each sector has some way to go to if we are to meet our climate ambitions.”

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