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Land Registry Lease Plans??

BEST Compliance have a proven history of producing Land Registry Lease plans. Now do you know there are two types?

Sadly, most people don’t, so were looking to help. Unfortunately, both plans are located in the LEASE, hence the confusion, however they do very different things.

Land Registry Title Plan, this plan dictates the land to which is attached to the area. For instance, if you require one for your home it will outline the land you own, showing boundaries. These are normally done for Land splits.

Land Registry Lease Plans are for building leases over 7 years, these look very much like the title plans with the big difference of a floor plan being included. The benefit of the floor plans shows responsibilities on the lease to see if it’s a full repairing lease or not, normally dictated by a red line around either the inner or outer wall position.

I’ve recently seen even highly experienced property directors for large companies get this wrong, trying to use a title plan to distinguish responsibilities on a dilapidation claim.

In short if your cutting up land you own, you need a Land Registry Title Plan or if your renting a property you need a Land Registry Lease Plan. BEST Compliance are always at hand to help, and for free no obligation advice please contact one of our Land Registry Team.