Whilst a periodic inspection is not a legal requirement at this time, it is the best and most efficient way of complying with the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 section 11 sub section (1) (B) where it states that a landlord ‘shall keep in repair and proper working order the installation. 
For the convenience of your business’s there are various options of inspection that can be carried out from a full 100% survey to a easier managed 20% annual test, thus saving on the level of disruption that can be caused during the 100% periodic inspection, this is ideally suited to business where it can stay trading. 
The report comes in three parts these are the Electrical Installation Condition Report, Schedule of inspections and the Schedule of Results 
The periodic testing includes the following tests: 
• Protective Conductors continuity to accessible exposed conductive parts of current using equipment and accessories 
• Bonding Conductors continuity tested at the main bonding conductors to extraneous conductive parts and supplementary bonding connections 
• Ring Circuit continuity 
• Polarity to be tested at the origin of the installation, Distribution boards, Accessible socket outlets, Extremity of radial circuits 
• Earth Fault Loop Impedance at the origin of the installation, Distribution boards, Accessible socket outlets, Extremity of radial circuits 
• Insulation Resistance tests between Live conductors and Earth at mains and final distribution boards 
• Earth Electrode resistance (If a TT system is in use) 
• Functional tests on RCD's, Circuit breakers, Isolators and Switching Devices 

Grading of the Report 

Once the testing and inspection is completed the report is prepared, and the installation is graded and if found in breach of the regulations they are graded as the following: 
C1 - Danger Present . Risk of injury. Immediate remedial action required 
C2 - Potentially dangerous. Urgent remedial action required 
C3 - Improvement required 
If the report has classified any item as C1 or C2 the electrical Installation is classed as a Fail, However if no C1 or C2 are present and a maximum of C3 its classed as a Pass.  
In the event of a Fail our qualified BEST Compliance electricians will accompany the report with a quote for the work to be undertaken to bring it up to BS7671 standard, you are under no obligation to have this work undertaken its just a courteous service for your own records. 
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