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Best Compliance / EPC Energy Performance Certificates

Do you require a Commercial EPC in the Oldbury area

  • Do you Require a Commercial EPC in Oldbury?


    If your selling a business to letting out part of a building, you will require the building to have an EPC by law.


    BEST Compliance are experts in Commercial Energy Performance Certificates and have undertaken in excess of 3000 Commercial EPCs, from a newspaper kiosk to a weapons research facility we’ve experienced it all.


    BEST Compliance are local surveyors for local business and people. If you require an Expert service in a Non domestic EPC look no further. BEST Compliance have undertaken many Non domestic (NDEA) EPCs in Oldbury including many industrial units, public houses and retail outlets.


    If you have any questions or require any work undertaking, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    What are EPCs?

    Energy Performance Certificates offer an interpretation of a buildings existing and potential energy efficiency. The assessments are carried out by a fully accredited Energy Assessor who will conduct an appraisal of the subject property noting the exact dimensions of the building, its age, construction type (including the existing HVAC this acronym means heating, ventilation and air conditioning), thermal elements, windows and building controls.


    The result is produced via the creation of a 3D CAD energy model of the building. This gives an accurate measure of the energy efficiency of the building and is displayed in the form of a letter rating (A-G). There is also another rating displayed on the chart that is the benchmark of similar buildings.


    BEST Compliance offer three stages of Energy Performance Certificates, from the standard EPC and recommendation report right the way through to the preparation of the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES).


    Why are Commercial EPC more expensive then Domestics?


    Unlike the EPC software used for residential property, the Commercial EPC software makes many fewer assumptions on the property and are rightly based on that specific building and not a notional one as is the case of a domestic EPC, so the Commercial Energy Assessor has to collect much more accurate data and comment on the construction and fabric of the building and the services in much more detail; for example calculating resulting U values, light output ratios to specific fan power. The Commercial Energy Assessor has to be more qualified and skilled and the whole energy assessment process takes significantly longer including the building of a 3D cad model of the property to run through dozens of simulations. The result being that the Commercial EPC is significantly more expensive than its residential counterpart. Fees will vary depending on the size, complexity and heating and cooling facilities of the building. The other major factor for the price increase is that just to place the commercial EPC on the government database costs more than the entire cost of an average domestic EPC.

    Standard Energy Performance Certificate

    BEST Compliance provide the standard legal certificate needed, this is accompanied by a recommendation report and placed on the central register, with either an electronically or paper based reports sent out for your records, and we do all this with a quick turnaround to suit our clients needs.

    For more in-depth reports EPC Alpha plus reports.



    When do I need an EPC?

    If you are instigating a commercial property transaction yourself or on behalf of a landlord it is a legal requirement to have an Energy Performance Certificate in place to form part of the marketing and legal paper work. The trigger will be the point at which the property is presented to the market.



    Commercial Energy Performance level 3 and 4: 


    The definition for a Level 3 and Level 4 energy performance survey is that the building is classed as a Non-Dwelling i.e. for commercial use only. The difference between the levels of the survey is due to the complexity of the heating and ventilation system installed. Here at B.E.S.T Ltd we have fully trained and accredited surveyors capable of surveying commercial properties to both Levels 3 and 4. Our energy efficiency report will include the current performance of the building; as the grade index of an EPC report can have a direct effect on both the value and rental prospects of the building. Once an EPC has been issued it will remain valid for 10 years unless any significant change occurs within this time period.


    Our SBEM calculations (Simplified Building Energy Model) show our clients how to recoup their investment in Green technologies in 4 stages.


    1.With a short term payback – within 3 years

    2.With a medium term payback – Between 3 to 7 years

    3.With a long term payback – over 7 years

    4.Further recommendations based on our expert knowledge of the Sustainable Technologies market and potential government funded Schemes that our client may be eligible for.


    EPCs have grown in ever increasing in importance since 2018 with an estimated 15-20% of all buildings currently with an F or G rating. Buildings graded “E” in 2008 have the potential to be a grade “G” due to changes in building regulations by 2018.


    BEST Compliance Ltd provide a unique, cost effective, service to your business to ensure that you are compliant to this legislation.


    Design Builder

    Here at BEST we use complex state of the art building software to build our clients property in a 3D energy model. This gives our client the very best accurate information on their building. We pride ourselves on achieving the best result for our clients, and using such technical programmes allow us to fully understand your buildings working through the year to give an accurate result.


Best Compliance are accredited by:

What our customers say about us

Ryan Bishop - Director, Jack Enterprises Ltd

Excellent! Quite simply from start to finish - really easy process for our commercial EPC, pricing was clear and fair, the assessor was flexible about timescales and extremely polite whilst on site. Highly recommended service and certainly added to our trusted supplier list. Report turnaround was quick too.

Christopher Jenkins - Energy Manager - Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council

Best Compliance has been working jointly with the community sector and Dudley Council to evaluate the energy efficiency of various buildings. They have demonstrated a detailed knowledge of building energy efficiency and where applicable have made practical recommendations as to how the efficiency could be improved. This process has helped to ensure compliance with Minimum Energy Efficiency standards, allowing the council to lease building to community groups, and community groups to deliver social value.

Nick Chambers - Estates Manager, Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd

BEST Compliance Ltd always deliver first class standards and service. From their booking process, through to advice from one of their knowledgeable members of staff. BEST compliance keep you in the loop at all times. As an Estate Manager for a large retail firm, we hold a number of diverse properties, BEST Compliant were best suited to send an assessor and always deliver in turning around drawings, lease plans and EPC’s within a tight timeframe to meet our needs.

Gabriel Martinez - The University of Wolverhampton

The BECCI project from The University of Wolverhampton would like to congratulate Best Compliance LTD for their nomination for West Midlands Energy Consultancy of the year. The organisation is dedicated to provide excellent service to their customers with integrity and passion. We are impressed by the way in which the organization seeks to improve continuously and remain leaders in its industry. We foresee great success in their future and sincerely hope the receive the well-deserved and prestigious recognition.

Steve Jackson - Public House Landlord

Pleasure to deal with. Lets face it, who wants to pay for something from which you gain neither pleasure nor profit. However an EPC report is a legal requirement for the sale of a property so the pain of paying was reduced by the friendly and affable nature of both Andy and James. Thank you guys, will recommend you at any opportunity.

Simon Gouldson - Property Asset Manager

BEST Compliance undertook a Commercial EPC on our properties on Tettenhall Road, Wolverhampton and we are delighted with the service they provided. They were pleasant, punctual and well-presented and showed excellent technical knowledge in terms of building construction, building services and energy efficiency. The Commercial EPC was provided in an extremely fast time frame and the aftercare was first class in all our requests and further questions. We would have no hesitation to recommend them to any other potential clients.


Learn About Best Compliance

Watch this video which covers BEST Compliance's extensive experience in helping our customers. Learn about our range of compliance and planning services.


Why Choose BEST Compliance?

We provide our customers with great service and we're very passionate about what we do. We ensure that we will always give you honest and helpful advice.

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